What up! Before submitting a PET KITTEN application please go thru every part of our website (especially the FAQ section!) so that you are familiar with how we roll. While I try to get to every application in a timely manner, please keep in mind that I have a family of humans and felines to care for, and so even though I may not respond right away, please be assured that I will look thru your application in the order that it was received.

Filling out this application is the 2nd step (1st step is to study everything on our website!) to joining the approved families list. Once approved and joined you will receive alerts when kittens become available. We give priority in the following order: cattery, breeders, returning families, multi-cat purchase families, approved families.

Click here if you are wanting to join the approved breeders list (for established catteries only!)

Please do your homework, check out many different breeders and get a feel for what kind of breeder you are looking for. I may be a good fit for you, and I may not be. No hard feelings if i’m not.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully getting to know you better!