Aubre here! Momma of 8. No not of 8 cats. Well. I am. But a momma of 8 amazing and beautiful kids. I’m a wife (married in 2004) to a keeper of bees, which makes him a daddy to not just our 8 kids but to 100’s of thousands of busy bee’s. Must say, I never saw beekeeper as something he would become when we first met.

I was born in Utah, lived in Alaska for 10 years, got married in Arizona and now our home is in Missouri (I would prefer to live elsewhere though). My husband and I are also photographers (, we started that adventure in 2009.

I am not a fan of talking about myself. But we are excited for this new adventure of bringing baby kittens into our home and into yours. Feel free to ask any questions you would like! Take the time to get to know me before deciding to get one of our kittens and to make sure that I am a good fit for you, as I will be making sure that you are a good fit for our kittens too.